BE-ARCHAEO Project Roles

Work Package 1

Cooperation and Synergy

WP Leader: UNITO - Monica Gulmini

T1.1 - Task Leaders
Akira Seike and Daniele Petrella
T1.2 - Task Leader
Eliano Diana
Research coordination for expertise integration (UNITO, UNIOKA, IRIAE,TECNART)
T1.3 - Task Leader
Monica Gulmini
Method development
T1.4 - Task Leader
Vincenzo Lombardo
Definition of fields for database
T1.5 - Task Leaders
Naoko Matsumoto and Mariana Diniz
Comparisons and matches (UNITO, UNIOKA, SHIPRE, ULisboa, IRIAE, TECNART)

Work Package 2

Field Work

WP Leader: IRIAE - Daniele Petrella

T2.1 - Task Leaders
Pavlos Sotiropoulos and Cesare Comina
Prospection definition and implementation (IRIAE, UNIOKA, TERMAR, TECNART, UNITO)
T2.3 - Task Leader
Naoko Matsumoto
Collection and conservation of findings (IRIAE, UNIOKA, ULisboa, UNITO)
T2.2 - Task Leaders
Akira Seike and Daniele Petrella
Archaeological excavation
T2.4 - Task Leader
Vittorio Lauro
Documentation (IRIAE, UniTO, UniOKA)
T2.5 - Task Leaders
Ivan Varriale and Sergio Favero Longo

Work Package 3


WP Leader: TECNART – Fulvio Fantino

T3.1 - Task Leader
Fulvio Fantino
Selection of samples from the site (TECNART, UNIOKA, UNITO, IRIAE, ULisboa, SHIPRE)
T3.2 - Task Leader
Debora Angelici

Selection/sampling of the finds from collections (TECNART, UNIOKA, SHIPRE, UNITO, IRIAE, ULisboa,VIDI):

T3.3 - Task Leader
Alessandro Re
Scientific investigation of the selected samples (TECNART, UNITO, UNIOKA, SHIPRE, VIDI, ULisboa)
T3.4 - Task Leader
Sergio Favero Longo

Work Package 4

Database and software tools

WP Leader: UNITO – Vincenzo Lombardo

T4.1 - Task Leader
Vincenzo Lombardo
Template production (UNITO, VIDI, TECNART, IRIAE)
T4.2 - Task Leader
Vittorio Lauro
Database feeding (VIDI, TECNART, TERMAR, IRIAE)
T4.3 - Task Leader
Daniel Pletinckx
IT tools development and test

Work Package 5

Communication and Dissemination

WP Leader: ULISBOA – Mariana Diniz

T5.1 - Task Leaders
Irene Ciulla and Marco Merola
Web site (IRIAE)
T5.2 - Task Leader
Mariana Diniz and Diego Elia
T5.3 - Task Leaders
Irene Ciulla and Marco Merola (Social Media)
Mariana Diniz and Elizabetta Colla (Exhibitions)
Mariana Diniz (European researchers night)
T5.4 - Task Leaders
Eliano Diana and Naoko Matzumoto
Summer schools

Work Package 6


WP Leader: UNITO – Cristian Lo Iacono

T6.1 - Task Leader
Eliano Diana
Administrativeand financial issues
T6.2 - Task Leader
Cristian Lo Iacono
Intellectual property
T6.3 - Task Leader
Alessandro Lo Giudice
Project Monitoring and Risk Management

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovationprogramme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 823826

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